Our offer

We offer our patients a wide range of medical procedures.


We specialize in hard-to-treat conditions – the entire range of dental surgery- from tooth extraction to pre-implant surgery. We have 5 implant systems tailored to individual needs of our patients.

Dental surgery

In our clinics, we guarantee you painless and stress-free performance of surgical procedures- a routine tooth extraction or more complicated removal of wisdom teeth, root end resections, hemisections, and bone reconstruction and bone grafting. We can perform any oral surgical procedures thanks to high-tech equipment, the best materials and our dental surgeon’s skillful hands.

- guided bone regeneration- a medical procedure done to rebuild a bone using biomaterials and a patient’s own bone. Performed on patients who lost teeth quite a long time ago in order to prepare the area for dental implants.
- sinus Lift Surgery- usually concerns lateral areas of the upper jaw in which there are maxillary sinuses. As we grow older, maxillary sinuses increase in volume; loss of teeth often causes bone degeneration and easy sinus pneumatization. The sinuses can be lifted using two methods- open and closed. They are both very safe and very effective ways of treatment. You can ask the surgeon for details during an individual consultation visit.
- autogenuous bone grafting- material used to repair a defect comes from the same patient receiving the bone graft . Bone can be extracted from the chin area and grafted where needed.
- ridge splitting- surgical alteration of the shape and condition of the alveolar ridge, in preparation for denture construction. Performed when the ridge is very thin; then the bone is cut and widened. An implant is put in that place, while the rest of the cavity is filled with biocompatible materials.


We use the most advanced materials allowing us to perform dental restorations of amazing aesthetic value and ensuring natural looking results.


Our specialist offers treatment involving the use of fixed or removable orthodontic appliances complying with the latest standards in orthodontic technology, including orthodontic mini implants.


We can perform works requiring patience and maximal precision as we pride ourselves on having a modern diagnostic x-ray machine, an operating microscope, hand and machine tools. Our practitioners perform endodontic treatment under high magnification.

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