Patient information

Making appointments

We only perform treatment previously planned and scheduled with the patient. Patientsí appointments are usually arranged a week ahead. Appointments are made by an experienced and qualified dental receptionist who makes a preliminary interview and tells how much time should be allocated for the visit. Standard visit time is 30-60 minutes, consultation-30 minutes.
Endodontic or prosthodontic treatment time is up to 120 minutes. There are 5-minute breaks in between visits in order to prepare and disinfect the dental unit. We do not make appointments shorter than 15 minutes. The dentist consults patients in the dental office only, we do not offer phone consultations, or outside our premises.

Patient Admission

Scheduled patients are seen first. We try to do our best to avoid delays. However, taking unforeseen circumstances into account, we ask our scheduled patients to add on some extra time. We also count on your understanding as far as short delays are concerned.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

It is the patientís responsibility to inform the dentist about cancelling an appointment. Otherwise, the failed appointment fee is 100 PLN for every 30 minutes of time reserved.

Arriving late

Being late more than 15 minutes shall be treated as a cancellation. The next patient will be seen after that time.


Euro-Dentís practitioners provide the highest quality of care in all aspects of dentistry.
We give our patients a warranty on dental treatment- one- year warranty on dental fillings and two-year warranty on prostheses. During the warranty period, if fillings or dental prostheses deform, change colour or fall out, they shall be fixed or replaced with new ones within 14 days at no extra charge.

The warranty services will not be offered if patients:


Before planning treatment, patients have to be aware that certain unwelcome complications may arise. The following are not covered by warranty:

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